The Evaluation of Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Ordinance: Year 1 Findings

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Research Brief

Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Ordinance (SSO) went into effect on July 1, 2017. The SSO was one of the nation’s first laws regulating workers’ schedule predictability. The SSO covers hourly workers at retail and food service establishments with 500 or more employees worldwide and at full-service restaurants with at least 500 employees worldwide and at least 40 locations. The Ordinance called for an evaluation of the law’s impacts in the first and second years after passage. The Seattle Office of City Auditor engaged a team of researchers with expertise in working conditions to produce the evaluation. The evaluation consists of two complementary parts:

■ A Worker Impact Study evaluates the impacts of the Secure Scheduling Ordinance on the work schedules reported by Seattle covered workers.

■ An Employer Implementation Study examines the implementation of the SSO as reported by frontline managers responsible for scheduling workers in covered worksites


This report contains findings from the first year of implementation. Because the SSO provisions are multifaceted and complex, they can be expected to take time to fully implement.