Naomi F. Sugie

Naomi Sugie

UCI School of Social Ecology


Naomi Sugie is an Associate Professor of Criminology, Law and Society (and, by courtesy, Sociology).  Sugie’s research examines the consequences of incarceration and other forms of criminal justice contact for individuals and their families, with a particular focus on how the criminal justice system influences participation in the labor force, welfare, political system, and other governmental institutions.  Sugie approaches her research from a variety of methodological approaches and she is particularly interested in the use of technology-assisted methods (e.g., mobile phones) to address traditional methodological difficulties for studying hard-to-reach groups. Her dissertation distributed phones to men recently released from prison in Newark, NJ and documented daily job search and employment experiences through real-time surveys.  See her website on intensive longitudinal data (ILD), which she maintains with Rachel Goldberg, sociology, for resources on ILD analytic methods.

Most recently, Sugie is working alongside other UCI faculty and students to bring greater transparency to the COVID-19 crisis in CA prisons and jails through the creation of a digital archive.  UCI PrisonPandemic contains hundreds of personal stories contributed by people incarcerated in CA prisons, jails, federal prisons, immigration detention facilities, and their loved ones.  In addition, for resources related to COVID-19 and prisons, please visit Confined During Covid-19.

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