Mariana Amorim

Mariana Amorim

Washington State University Mariana Amorim is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Washington State University. Her research focuses on family dynamics, intergenerational support over the life course, and social welfare policies. Learn more here: Publications April 4th, 2022 Schedule Unpredictability and High Cost Debt: The Case of Service Workers Mariana Amorim, Daniel Schneider High-cost financial services allow economically insecure families to make ends meet but often contribute to additional financial strain in the…

Julia Goodman

Portland State University Julia Goodman is an assistant professor in the School of Public Health at Portland State University who does research at the intersection of health services research, population health, and work and family policy. Her research explores how social, structural, and economic factors influence perinatal health and explores the impact of work-related policies on fertility decisions and pregnancy outcomes. She is currently collaborating with researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, on a three-year evaluation of San Francisco’s new paid parental leave ordinance. Learn more here: Publications September 6th, 2023 Racial/Ethnic and Gender Inequities in the Sufficiency...
Dennis Feehan headshot

Dennis Feehan

University of California, Berkeley Dennis Feehan is a demographer and quantitative social scientist whose research interests lie at the intersection of networks, demography, and quantitative methodology. Prior to joining the Demography Department faculty at UC Berkeley, Professor Feehan received his Ph.D. at Princeton’s Office of Population Research, and served as a Research Scientist at Facebook in Fall 2015. Learn more here:

Danya Lagos

University of California, Berkeley Danya Lagos is a sociologist who specializes in how gender is changing in the twenty-first century. They are particularly interested in the social demography of LGBTQ populations. Their work has been published in the American Sociological Review, Demography and the Annual Review of Sociology. Learn more here:

Adam Reich

Columbia University Adam Reich is a sociologist who specializes in economic and cultural sociology. Reich is the co-director (with Suresh Naidu) of the Columbia Labor Lab. Learn more here:

Leah Abrams

Tufts University Leah Abrams is a population health and aging researcher in the Department of Community Health at Tufts University. She was previously at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies where she was a Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Abrams’ research and teaching interests include social epidemiology, health policy, population aging, mortality trends, work/retirement, and mental health. Her work has been published in peer reviewed journals such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, International Journal of Epidemiology, and The Gerontologist. Dr. Abrams holds a PhD in health policy and an MPH in epidemiology from the University of...